i'm meagan. i'm 22 and i work with babies with developmental delays.

Today was the field day for the short course in beekeeping I’ve been taking. We went to the home of a fellow BUMBA (Bowie-Upper Marlboro Beekeeping Association) member and looked through all of his hives. We learned how to make soap and install a package of bees into the hive! It was amazing to see all of the things I’ve been learning about and looking at pictures of, like the little bee packed down with pollen on her legs.
Then I came home and installed my bees in my hive (with the help of my bee mentor)! He said I did really well with it and it wasn’t as terrifying as I prepared myself for. I was pretty covered in bees at one point, but no stings! I have pictures on my real camera of me installing my package, I’ll post those soon.
Hopefully the bees all settle in well and accept the queen. I’m pretty excited about this venture.

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