i'm meagan. i'm 23 and i work with babies with developmental delays.

Friends, I’m going to Uganda!!

Last year, I began sponsoring a little four year old, Emmanuel, through Compassion International. We write letters (he dictates to someone who knows how to write, but he draws the sweetest pictures) and I love getting a glimpse into what life is like for him.


I was given the opportunity to travel with Compassion to Uganda this coming January for two weeks, and I couldn’t say no. My sister will be joining me, and we will be visiting child centers around the country and get to see first hand what a sponsorship through this program does for the child. I will also get to spend an entire day with Emmanuel. I am so excited about this, it makes my heart feel so full just thinking about it.

We are having a miniature golf fundraising event and I need your help! Please consider donating to help with the cost of this trip. No amount is too little, skip that frappuccino and donate that $5 instead.

If you are in the MD/DC/VA area, please come to our event! It is October 4 at 10am. There will be prizes, raffles, and food is being provided courtesy of Chipotle.

Click here to donate/register and learn more about the trip!

Thank you so much, and feel free to share this post :)

Because of my new camera, I had a hell of a time figuring out how to upload to iPhoto, hence the almost 3 week delay. But I figured it out and here they are!

This trip was Dillons first plane ride, and he was a little nervous but really enjoyed flying. We arrived on Tuesday and were pretty exhausted and I was still sick. His sister, Patricia, drove us around and pointed out things and then we went to their apartment to settle in. We ended up falling asleep and when we woke up we went to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner, and hung out at a coffee shop so Dillon and Patricia could work for a bit. Patricia’s husband, Mike, works far away so we had a second dinner when we got home. Then we stopped by a cupcake ATM at Sprinkles! We thought that was pretty exciting.

On Wednesday, we went to the Getty Villa. This was the one thing Dillon wanted to do during our trip, so he was super pumped. I had no idea what it was before we arrived, but the grounds were gorgeous. I wasn’t as crazy about all of the artifacts as he was, though. We had lunch by the beach and saw dolphins and a baby seal. On our way back, Patricia dropped us off at the Santa Monica pier to walk around for a bit.

Pictures from the last two days of our visit coming up!

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The tags said this is in LA….but it is definitely my beloved Washington DC.

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The tags said this is in LA….but it is definitely my beloved Washington DC.

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One Day On Earth

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